Wisdom 2.0

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Dear All,

Ok. I get it.

You are our friends. Why else would you be following us and supporting us? And I was blind to this. I (old-fashioned me) thought that for things to grow in the (business) world, I had to do (smart) things to make the business grow.  Wrong.

New me (BTW...it was there all along, it was just buried beneath a ton of data, and archaic you "shoulds") knows that connecting with you is what I want to do and that will make each day meaningful. Right! And that will make BuDhaGirl a success.

For the last few hours, yesterday and today, I have been listening to the masters of mindfulness: Jon Kabat-Zin, Dan Siegel, Eckhart Tolle...and I have heard from the masters of modern-day business: Arturo Bejar: Director of Engineering at Facebook, Fred Kofman author of Conscious Business, Peter Deng: Director of Product at Instagram, Arianna Huffington: CEO Huffington Post, Tony Hsieh: CEO of Zappos, Karen May: Vice President People, Google...and they all have validated everything BuDhaGirl is about...and I do mean everything.

BuDhaGirl was born from an idea to do good. The good was marrying beautiful, sophisticated products with daily mindfulness rituals. Good is bringing awareness to our friends by encouraging them to stop, take a moment to clear their mind, and then taking a totally focused moment to set their intentions for the day using our Reminders and jewelry pieces.

Guess what? All the above mentioned powerhouses of influence say the same thing. They are encouraging mindfulness within the culture of their companies, they are teaching it to other organizations and  practicing the act of being mindful themselves. Even the most technologically driven of the above list agree that we need to use technology for our benefit and not as a compulsion.

For the last year Susie and I have been trying to explain that fashion and mindfulness do not need to live apart. To the fashion people we say: take note, we have beautiful products that will, if you let them, bring another dimension to your life. To the mindful people who are sometimes quite skeptic that great fashion is important, we tell them the story behind our products. The more we explain the more they smile.

We are the first fashion company that has defined its mission to bring mindful rituals to our friends, we have stepped into the arena of the future. We want to stay true to our beliefs and we hope that we always will bring joy and peace into your life. Being the first is not always easy.

Hugs for now,



Jessica Jesse proud to be first online customer for MUSE,  state-of-the-art technology to help clear your mind.

Posted on February 15, 2014 .