Graduation = Change

If ever there is a time of change it is on the eve of graduation. Whether it is in kindergarten or college it doesn’t matter. Society and the education system have given us the signal to move on…adios amigos…onto bigger and better.

I don’t think we prepare ourselves, or our next generations correctly for change. We don’t even talk about what it means, we just go about our lives performing (often mindless) tasks that we hope lead us to change (I think they are mostly called goals.) Frankly, I think every major institution that we have created does a fairly miserable job at preparing for change.

Everything changes.

Embracing and recognizing change, as a basic fact of life is pretty (let’s try monumentally) important.  Of course, there are age appropriate lessons at different times of life that allow us to understand what change is all about. What you say to a four year-old is very different to what you would say to a seven year-old. And what you say to a college graduate is pretty much what you would say to a seven year old…the practice of change should come early-on and the mastery of understanding it should prepare us to become all that we may be and what we will contribute to this world. For we are all important.

Pause. Take a minute to think of 2 or 3 changes that have happened in your life. Were you prepared for them? Were you angry, sad, and disappointed? These tend to be the emotions our trained mind has been taught when things change in a manner in which we don’t want them to.

We do change. We need to recognize this fact, we need to embrace this fact and we need to go out into the world at peace knowing this fact.

Sending all the grads out there...and their parents

Big hugs