Better to give than to receive...

Have you ever done something wonderful for someone and not ever said it came from you?

I don’t know what else causes such joy…I really don’t. OK, maybe puppies, the smell of a newborn’s little neck, a chocolate lava cake, the aurora borealis…get my drift?

Giving without any expectation gives you a great sense of wellbeing. Neuroscientists can now image the brain and see how the brain illuminates and dopamine is released when someone has been generous and the expectation of return is not present.

Think of yourself as a kind of angel, or fairy, or whatever image you want that conjures giving without expectation. Because that is exactly what you are…an enlightened being. Gratitude can cause this wonderful state of being present, of awareness and of truly living in the Now.

Next time we teach our children to say thank you, let’s see if we can teach them the real reason for saying it. And the next time we say thank you, try going back to the very root of where that gift came from, where it originated.

Then say thank you.


Posted on May 5, 2014 .