Effects of Gratitude

Since childhood one of the very first things we are taught is to always say thank you. It is drilled into us because it shows that we are educated, maybe even civilized and that our parent’s must have done something right when raising us.

But the thank you that we say, and we always should…needs to be said with presence.  Thank you must be said from the heart and it must acknowledge the action behind what you’ve  just received. For thank you is about receiving.

Gratitude is thank you being present. Gratitude lives in the Now.

There is such a dramatic difference when you thank someone from the heart. You radiate enormous positive energy and the joy in your gratitude will be very much perceived by others. In turn you have just given too. This is a pretty amazing cycle, and one we should practice daily and constantly.

The effect of gratitude is far reaching; it starts with us and then like the ripples in water, it spreads until eventually it can occupy an entire body of water. This is a powerful image and it may help us to visualize what the power of our gratitude can do. Can it change our realtionship dynamics? Can it change the world?

I think so.



Posted on April 28, 2014 .