Every BuDhaGirl has a story.

Every BuDhaGirl product has a story. This is precisely why BuDhaGirl is different.

We feel that although our products are beautiful and fashionably of the times, they must also serve to be Reminders of ideas. They are holders of intention and passion.

Ideas that are based on contemplative practice. Science now confirms that taking a moment to clear your mind is a powerful exercise in maintaining brain health. BuDhaGirl assists in this process through our content and products.

We do not preach we only suggest.

We invite people to be present in everything they do, so their daily actions themselves become a meditation practice. This is why our mantra is Mindful Glamour, turning routines into rituals.

We all prepare for our day; we bathe, groom, dress, and accessorize to represent who we are to the world. Why not do so with intention?

Style is individual.

It can be simple or elaborate.

Acceptance of the variety of people and their style is like looking at a field of wildflowers, they are all beautiful in their own way.


Is one wrong or right?

This is BuDhaGirl.



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