Trending NOW | Crochet

Crochet items are trending at the moment.  Everywhere we turn we spy beautiful crochet  pieces of differing styles and price points and we at BuDhaGirl could not be happier.  Not only is this trend fresh and cool for Spring and Summer but it is also in keeping with our mindful glamor philosophy.

How is that you wonder?  Well, being mindful means you are being aware of the present and are living in that specific moment. Crochet is a fun and relaxing task that helps you achieve this state of mindfulness because it requires focus and attention. When you crochet you are counting stitches and you become fully absorbed in the act itself which leads to clearing of the head and thus leads to mindfulness. Now that you know this, don't you see crochet pieces in a whole new light?  Don't they seem so much more alluring?  We think so and always have!   This is why we have some beautiful crochet pieces in our collection which we will be highlighting throughout the month.  We, at BuDhaGirl, like to be fashionable but always in a meaningful way and wearing crochet is the perfect way to do both.

Which piece is your favorite?  That off-the-shoulder white dress is sure winking our eye at us.  Imagine it accessorized with layered BuDhaGirl crochet necklaces like this and this!  Perfectly, mindfully glamorous.

Posted on May 4, 2015 and filed under Mindfullness.