Most Wanted || Crochet Christian Scapular in Red

We love this Crochet Christian Scapular in red, and so we made it our BuDhaGirl 'Most Wanted' piece for this week. We love that it's bright and peppy, that it has a casual look and most importantly that it highlights the symbol for Jesus.  The Ichthys is the most iconic image of Christianity. This scapular is anchored to the knit rosary chain by a small Greek brocade pillow made in the Aghia Kiriaki monastery on the Cyclades isles. Our Ichthys scapular is made of 100% cotton yarn, handcrafted in Zacatecas, Mexico.

Fish are mentioned and given symbolic meaning several times in the Gospels. Several of Jesus' twelve Apostles were fishermen. He commissions them with the words "I will make you fishers of men".  Another story from the Bible that we love is where at the feeding of the five thousand, a boy is brought to Jesus with "five small loaves and two fish". The question is asked, "But what are they, among so many?" Jesus multiplies the loaves and fish to feed the multitude.

The Mindful Glamour ritual for this scapular is to be aware of gathering friends through love, patience and forgiveness, for that is what friendship requires. The Gospels say that we should follow Jesus' example and become fishers of men through good deeds. 

The background to this Crochet Christian Scapular in Red makes the piece irresistible, doesn't it? And it really adds that perfect touch of summer to your outfit.  Also featured in this post are the gold all-weather bangles, the gold pearl bangle, and the Ottoman Silk Cord necklace used as an ankle bracelet.

Go, Be it.


[Photos by Albertina Cisneros]


Posted on May 26, 2015 and filed under Fashion + Style.