2016 Entertaining Trends

Any BuDhaGirls planning a holiday soiree? Whether you’re going small and intimate or big and extravagant, 2016 parties are all about making a lasting impression from the food to the décor. Why go safe when you can plan an over-the-top experience your guest won’t soon forget – let your creativity run wild!

First, construct your guest list and send the invites. Electronic invitations have been on the rise in the last few years. There are many different online platforms now on which you can design an interactive, custom invite and to keep track of your guests, too.

Next, decide what kind of party you’re going to have. Two types of parties are on the rise this year. The first is a cocktail supper featuring a substantial food offering, but also the ability to mix and mingle on lounge seating. The second is a very small, very intimate white tie dinner à la Downton Abbey.

As you plan your party, try and create interactive, Instagram-able moments for your guests to enjoy. Think of party decorations as art installations, and a mixed cocktail as an opportunity for customization. The sky’s the limit.

As for the food, farm fresh never disappoints and also reflects what’s trending in the restaurant industry. If your offering is mainly healthy, don’t forget to throw in some comfort food to balance it out and keep your guests satiated. Other fun ideas include a global tasting bar or a retro 1960s menu with a modern twist.

Flower arrangements go free-form this year. Instead of structured arrangements in the middle of a table, think long, deconstructed compositions that are surprising in shape and color. Succulents continue their reign as well if your style is more minimalistic.

When your party concludes, treat your guests to a personalized party favor. Again, this just helps to create a lasting impression on everyone. Whether you simply write their name on a goodie bag, or go extravagant with 3D printing, giving a personalized treat at the end is a gesture to your guests of gratitude and appreciation. 

Here at BuDhaGirl, there’s nothing we love more!


Posted on November 11, 2016 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Entertaining.