Living an Inspired Life: Sue Fisher King

Sue Fisher King opened her store in 1978 in San Francisco, and it's been a stylish and trusted destination for gifts and home décor ever since. Founded to bring unique discoveries to her clientele, SFK is a luscious environment filled with rich textures and a colorful palette. Sue Fisher King herself is worldly, fun, innovative, and always stays true to her unique aesthetic. The next time you’re in San Francisco, be sure to check out this charming spot, it’s an inspiring atmosphere and also a home to BuDhaGirl jewels. Just in time for the holidays, we asked Sue Fisher King about the importance of mindfulness and what trends are on her radar for a stylish Thanksgiving. 

BuDhaGirl: What is your favorite piece of BuDhaGirl jewelry?

Sue Fisher King: The All Weather Bangles in gold with the serenity prayer.

BDG: What intentions do you set with your BuDhaGirl jewelry?

SFK: Before I gave them away, they reminded me of my spiritual program.

BDG: Why is mindfulness important to you?

SFK: It's the only way to stay in touch with a higher power.

BDG: What actions do you take every day in order to stay in the present?

SFK: I check in with my employees with whom I work very closely.

BDG: How would you describe your style?

SFK: "Formal Country," a description coined by Pat Ross, a design guru in NYC.

BDG: What home décor or tabletop trends are you loving for Thanksgiving and the holiday season?

SFK: Use of materials from nature to enhance sophisticated decorative objects.

BDG: What are your top hostess tips for the holidays?

SFK: Keep it simple. Your guests want to see you relaxed.

BDG: Do you have a favorite holiday tradition?

SFK: Inviting all of my orphan friends of varying ages over for Christmas dinner.