'Tis the Season

We need this to be a holiday season of peace, of warmth, of quiet, of softness, of joy, of togetherness, of compassion, of forgiveness, of giving, of receiving, of letting go, of reflection and of just being.

These are twelve words, twelve reasons, twelve intentions, and twelve musts.

These words have been absent, certainly in the media and global communications this year. It is up to us to shape behavior in these last days of 2016 by using and living these twelve words.

Take a moment to linger in each word. What does the word mean to you? What is the first image that comes to mind? How does this idea fit in your life? And if it is absent in your life, how can you bring it in? How can you make it your daily intention? How can you share these concepts with others?

These twelve words can transform us, and the world. We deserve these words. We should bring these words to others.

After all, ‘tis the season…

Posted on November 2, 2016 and filed under Inspiration, Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness.