The Art of the Tabletop

Francis Mallmann put it best when he described how he fell in love with food. Mallmann says that yes, he loves the cooking process but it's the theater of the entire experience, the drama of the table, the flowers, the thought behind the whole event that truly captures him.

I totally subscribe to his point of view. Even weekday dinners deserve attention to the entire process. I like to apply our BuDhaGirl tag line…by turning our eating routines into rituals. Meals should be simple occasions of joy, sharing, and gratefulness mindfully crafted with intention and presence.

It is not hard to do. Let your imagination take you to be creative, make the time to give yourself the pleasure of creating a dining tableau.

These table settings can be...


Themed to match the food

Celebratory of a special occasion

Elegantly formal

Out of this world

Whimsical details at a surreal dinner for Salvador Dalí

Whimsical details at a surreal dinner for Salvador Dalí



Posted on November 7, 2016 and filed under Style, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.