BDG Team on Giving

The holidays are a time to give and receive, to celebrate and give thanks. Today, we're talking to a few members of the BuDhaGirl Team about what the holidays and the tradition of giving means to them. 

BuDhaGirl: What's the most important part of the holidays to you?

Cathy Timberlake: When I was a kid, Christmas was about how many gifts I received but as an adult, it's about how the giving gifts will make the recipient feel.

BDG: How do you choose your gifts?

CT: I try to choose gifts that reflect their personal style and beliefs. From the wrapping paper to the actual present it's the thought that counts!

BDG: What BuDhaGirl piece would you give as a gift this holiday season?

CT: I love the Stingray Wrist Wrap in turquoise because it's super groovy and you can dress it up or down. Add on different End Caps to create a myriad of looks!

BDG: Twyla, what's your favorite part of the holiday season?

Twyla Shelmire: My favorite part of the holidays is the sense of tradition. Whether it's the tradition of baking pies, watching Christmas movies with my sister, or giving certain gifts to certain family members, that sense of repetition makes me remember the sense of holiday joy and excitement I was filled with as a child. 

BDG: What sorts of gifts do you like to give during the holidays?

TS: For my parents, I always end up giving them the same thing - it's tradition! For my mom, it's a always a piece of vintage costume jewelry. For my dad, it's always a coffee mug. Last year, when my dad unwrapped his annual mug he started laughing... turns out I had given him the exact same mug inscribed with the phrase "Make it Happen" the year before. Now, we always tell each other, no matter the situation, and against all odds - make it happen!

BDG: What BuDhaGirl piece would you give this holiday?

TS: The Annika Collection stands out to me this holiday season as a lovely gift. Whether you choose one or go with the choker, wristlette and earrings, these pieces are luxurious yet simple, and incredibly easy to wear with the ready-to-wear textures of the season.

Posted on December 14, 2016 and filed under Mindfulness, Style, Lifestyle.