BDG Reminder® Trios

BDG Reminders® are at the heart of the Mindful Glamour ritual. These small works of art were created to represent important aspects of life, and are based on ancient symbols and contemplative practice. While some Reminders may speak to you more than others, it's safe to say that a lone Reminder is rarely enough. BuDhaGirl is excited to introduce three BDG Reminder® Trios to our collection. These thoughtful groupings are curated to guide your intention setting, thus leading you to mindfulness and a deeper understanding of life experiences. 


The Life Trio is composed of three of the most essential Reminders in the BuDhaGirl Collection: Love, Connection and Change. These Reminders speak to the three constants of life on Earth. The Life Trio is the perfect set to initiate your BDG Reminders® collection


The Family Trio combines Guidance, Family and Protection, the three Reminders that inspire us to have a more loving and compassionate relationship with all family members. Give the Family Trio to celebrate a new birth, mark an important passage, or maybe just to calm a feisty family reunion! All opinions are welcomed with love.


The Challenge Trio pulls together three Reminders that can guide you through tough times of any magnitude: Transition, Removes Obstacles and Overcoming. This trio is a must when life doles out the unexpected. Sometimes we all need that extra dose of steadfastness.


When you buy one of our three curated trios, we will treat you to a luxurious, museum acrylic case valued at $25 as a token of our appreciation. Your case can house all three Reminders, and is a beautiful accessory for your desk or vanity.

Posted on June 29, 2016 and filed under Lifestyle, Mindfulness.