Introducing the RED Collection

Originally, BuDhaGirl was a total maximalist, we liked big, bold, statement pieces, all of course with an intention-setting message. We noticed that“maximalist” did not fit all who wanted to join the BuDhaGirl tribe, and leaving people out of the tribe was not our intention. BuDhaGirl never wants to dictate what you should look like; BuDhaGirl wants you to be you.

So, with a little coaxing Jessica designed BuDhaGirl RED.  

BuDhaGirl RED is a streamlined, clean, modern and oh so pretty jewelry collection for those for whom less is more.


Beautifully crafted wristlettes, chokers and chains debut in our first BuDhaGirl RED collection. Hearts and crosses, tiny tassels, mini cup-chains, evil eyes and Hamsas are all part of the collection too. BuDhaGirl RED may be worn alone or combined with your other BuDhaGirl pieces, it all depends on your style and mood.

BuDhaGirl RED can also become an accessory to your accessory. Small enough to nearly disappear, and strong enough to be your reminder throughout the day.

Handfinished in the US; by really nice people with very small hands.

No BuDhaGirl left behind.

Posted on September 26, 2016 and filed under Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Style, Fashion + Style.