Must Have: BuDhaGirl RED Bracelets

From delicate hamsas to crystal cup chains, BuDhaGirl RED Bracelets are easy to wear pieces with a delicate, modern look and a unique meaning. 

The Evil Eye Bindi Wristlette and Hamsa Wristlette are perfect for everyday wear. Both the evil eye and hamsa symbols are rich with meaning. The Evil Eye Bindi is for protection and focus, the Hamsa for blessings, power and strength. We invite you to style one of these wristlettes alone, or stack them with All Weather Bangles depending on your outfit or mood.

The exquisite Aurora Wristlette honors the legendary colors of the Aurora Borealis. Nine strands of elastic crystal cup chains are arranged in two exuberant color combinations - Aurora Green and Aurora Viola. These delicate strands catch the light in the most beautiful way, making it the perfect accessory for day or night. Each wristlette is finished with three tiny silk tassels to complement the coloration.

An active lifestyle calls for a Sprite Wristlette. These pixiesque bands have the perfect amount of stretch, and are weightless and soundless. The wristlette is studded with a crown emblem to always remind you that you are the ruler of your own life. Around the wristlette, you'll find six little beads to help you set and maintain your intentions throughout the day.

The Elle Wristlette in the RED Collection is at once deeply glamorous and delightfully simple. This wristlette is made of three bands of hematite grey or jet black elastic cup chain, and is embellished with a tiny handmade cotton tassel. The three bands that comprise the wristlette symbolize the principle of growth. Wear the Elle with your favorite stack of All Weather Bangles for a truly fabulous stack. 

Posted on September 28, 2016 and filed under Style, Lifestyle, Jessica Jesse, Fashion + Style.