What's in your health bank?

Have you ever considered your health a bank? A stockpile of resources? A beautiful reservoir? This month, as we explored health as a kind of "wealth" we have in our lives, we discovered that one can be in good health if they simply practice the same habits as they do with their bank account. Not quite convinced? Consider incorporating these 4 daily practices into your life to mindfully grow your "health wealth" in no time. 

1. You must deposit funds in in order to take funds out: Think beyond financial funds. If you are having to push yourself at work, or are planning to run a marathon, you must be sure to give your body the crucial funds - food, rest, etc. - that are necessary to succeed. You must give in order to take.

2. Deposit more than you withdraw: You will see your health bank grow when you deposit and save more than you spend. If you're spending too much of your personal energy, and straining your overall health, ask yourself the ways in which you could cut down these stressors and restore balance.

3. Good habits are essential: Just as a healthy bank statement is the result of good saving and spending habits, good health is the result of eating, resting and exercising well. A bank account, like your health, may benefit in the short term from one large deposit, but long term health and wealth is achieved through well-established daily habits of depositing and saving.

4. Check in daily: To avoid catastrophic upsets and surprises in our bank account and in our health, we must check in to our "account" daily. If you commit to checking in daily, be it through intention-setting, meditation, yoga or otherwise, you will be able to respect and control how you spend your energy and preserve your health funds throughout the day.

What are your daily tips for optimizing your health bank?



Posted on January 20, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.