The Buddha on Wealth

“To live a pure, unselfish life, one must count nothing as one’s own in the midst of abundance.” Buddha

At times I have been asked why I use the Buddha to illustrate wealth because from all appearances, the Buddha renounced material wealth in order to attain enlightenment. 

The Buddha teaches to have a wealth mentality. In my many readings and teachings of the Buddha, I have come to interpret one crucial idea regarding wealth… it is not bad whether you have it or not, you just can’t be controlled by it.

When I have seen such complete suffering in the midst of incredible abundance, I reflect on the foolishness of this and walk away admonished to be careful in my own life that I should never take things for granted.

Enjoying what one has accumulated is an art. So many times I see people not using their fine china, or their nice linens, or clothes and I ask myself, what are they waiting for? Life is to be lived; things are to be used, enjoyed and shared. Sharing is key.

When in our mind we are content; that is wealth.

It is not about how much, it is about how much we enjoy.

So look around, find abundance around you. Take a moment to be joyful and see things as they are. If you are smiling, then you are wealthy.