Global Wellness Summit 2017: Part II


So, I must tell you about my experience with the Ice Man, you know, the escapee from Margaritaville. He is a mixture of Jimmy Buffet and Animal from the Muppets. His voice is close to a sonic boom, his energy could power New York, his lungs could inflate any balloon at the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, but his heart is what makes the difference…his heart is boundless.

His feats are too many to list, but to summarize, he is known for breaking impossible endurance records, sitting in ice water for hours on end whilst maintaining a constant body temperature, climbing the world's tallest mountains in shorts, swimming under the ice cap, hanging perilously by one finger off a sheer ice cold rock wall. And, he has been willingly shot-up with bacteria and his body doesn’t even flinch.


How is this possible?

He showed us…

I attended Wim’s 45 minute session one morning at the GWS. He enthusiastically spoke for 30 minutes about his accomplishments and his belief that we can heal ourselves. He also stated that why we become sick and cannot accomplish many feats is due to our fear. He taught us that we must trust the infinite wisdom of our bodies, our life force and the universe. I loved hearing his story but I wanted him to get on with it….show me how.

The last 15 minutes of the session changed my life. Wim showed us how to breathe. I mean really breathe. He showed us how to increase our oxygen supply to our organs, especially our brain. He does this in a series of two sets often very deep breaths, then repeating this 3-4 times and not breathing in between sets, for first for 1 minute, then 1.5 minutes, the 2 minutes. I thought there is no way I can not breathe for 2 minutes…guess what I DID IT…and probably could have gone to 3 minutes.


After this exercise I felt full of energy, and had a sense of wellbeing like I have never experienced. I trusted my body. I trusted my world. I trusted the universe.

BTW for all you Dallasites…Wim lives here!!!!

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