Global Wellness Summit 2017: Part III

This year I was asked to speak at the Global Wellness Summit, I was incredibly honored and honestly a bit scared. What could I say to an audience that had just heard mega-celebrities, TED Talk experts, and wellness gurus? The audience itself is comprised of what I call the “poster children of mindfulness.”


The segment that I was assigned to was called a Passion Moment. So, I decided to speak about ritual.  My views on ritual are strong for I believe that life must be lived with ritual, and the key element of ritual is being present.


Ritual is in all parts of my life. I intentionally live with a presence of mind that allows me not to let life pass me by. It is not about success or image. It is about actively seeking to ’take notice’ of the sights, sounds and sensations around me and to savor these moments. It is being awake and present to the world.  And it is about changes that are thrust upon us by life itself and accepting them and living with them fully.


I have realized that I now love speaking about ritual. I was deeply moved by the audience’s reaction. I felt so loved…so welcome…so understood…and so not alone.