Being Important


As children, one of the things we crave the most is to feel important. We wanted to be noticed, we wanted to be told we were special, we wanted our accomplishments to be recognized, and when we walked into a room, we liked to be the center of attention. Our ego was in training.

Of course we were important to our parents and family…however the sense of importance did not translate to our actual position in life. We were just kids no matter how special we indeed were.

As adults, our sense of importance is different unless you have a tendency to narcissism. I have found that being important has to do with giving. The more you give the more important you are. And it is not about recognition; it is about filling a need. When we help others we are taking a step towards importance, we transform our unselfish actions into important acts that make a difference to people’s lives. Whether you are an artist that gives others a sense of joy or a cook that makes yummy food, or a nurse that truly heals, a farmer that makes things grow…each one of these people is important.

Important people do not seek the spotlight. Important people do. Important people quietly change the course of the world. Important people never think about importance in broad terms, they know they are important because what they are doing in the present makes a difference and makes their journey thrilling.

Being important is about the journey not the destination.

Posted on October 23, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.