Being There


Did you ever watch the story of Chauncey Gardner? The famous Peter Sellers’ cult film Being There about a mentally challenged older man that loses his caretaker and then has to fend for himself in a world he doesn’t understand.

I fell in love with the film when it was first released; I probably have seen it a dozen times. The take away lesson for me is about being able to succeed in a discordant world by simply being. By being yourself, by allowing ourselves to feel what is right (as when we were children), by answering truthfully, by finding grace in others, and by not expecting too much.

I challenge myself every day to live with purity of intention. To live in the moment, not reminiscing of things past or thinking about the intangible future. I am learning that we are who we are at this very moment, so we should make the best of the now. When I am really here, with myself, understanding that this is the moment that counts, something magical happens. I find joy in my everyday life.

Take a moment, treat yourself to an incredible film…and then, simply be there.