Me as Part of the Whole


The longer I am of this world, the more I realize how everything and everyone is connected. Me, you, we matter. Furthermore, me, you, we don’t exist in a vacuum. Me, you and we are part of the whole.

So if we believe this premise, then I ask why do we do counterintuitive things that hurt us and everyone else? Crazy, right?


Just because we have made the assumption in the past that our actions don’t elicit reactions that impact everything else doesn’t mean we need to continue this pattern of insanity. We need to change. Me, you, we need to begin a coalition that will change the way we look at things. Just because it has been this way doesn’t mean it has to continue.

Let's stop.


Ask yourself: Do I believe that being born set about a series of events that during the course of my life have made me who I am today? If so, that means that since the moment of your birth, and probably before, you have played a role in this wonderful world. And, that your mere existence (the wonderful, quirky, wise you) has in turn caused events to happen in the cosmic timeline of our universe.

Stay with this thought for a few moments.


Then think: Can the premise that the flutter of a butterfly wing may cause a tsunami be true?

 I am just asking…

Posted on November 13, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Jessica Jesse.