BDG Team Rituals

Jessica: One of my morning rituals is my Wealth ritual. It began almost two years ago when a dear friend gave me my golden Buddha snow globe. I was delighted to receive this very BuDhaGirl gift, really, really loved it…so I placed it on my vanity. I see it first thing in the morning. I sit quietly and tip the snow globe upside down and watch the gold flecks shimmer and fall on the Buddha’s lap. As the flecks are falling I say this mantra: I want to sit in peace like the Buddha and have health wealth, wisdom wealth and financial wealth. I repeat this mantra as many times as it takes for the gold flecks to stop falling. Simple really.

Caryn: Being a wife and a mother, I get pulled in many directions.  Everyday is full of activities, sports, homework, mealtime - and before you know it, the day is over.  Always putting others first, I was forgetting about myself and how I was feeling. A few years ago, I started a mindset ritual where I take some time for myself every day to affirm what I want to create. Each morning I open my journal and write a sentence or two. This is where I create my affirmations and set the mindset to achieve them.  It could be a simple daily goal that I want to achieve or something big and dreamy that I want to attract into my world.  The point is that its my moment to enjoy. I have learned that pausing for that time and focusing on myself, I become a better ME!

Cathy: The ritual that I do happens at the end of the day. When I get home from work, I take my shoes off, go to the backyard, and walk around barefoot on the grass. My sister once told me there is something about the magnetic field between the earth and the body that is particularly soothing - and it works wonders. I look forward to the simple pleasure of walking on the cold grass to relax my mind and draw the day to a close.

Twyla: My daily ritual is as mundane as taking my dogs out of the apartment for a walk. Four times a day, rain or shine, I commit to the ritual of putting each of my dogs on their leashes and taking them outside. While we don't go far, these five minutes a few times a day demands that I step away from work at the computer and re-establish my equilibrium both mentally and physically. At this time, I can clear my brain, refresh my perspective and remind myself of my goals for the rest of the day. After this ritual of fresh air, I feel as though I return to my work more focused and energized.

Posted on April 21, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.