The Three C's

Caring, compassion and commitment. Not much can go wrong with this combination, especially when it comes to relationships.

Caring for me is numero uno, even beyond love. Not much has happened in my life without me caring about it. Caring comes from a place of love, the heart, but most importantly it is also imbued by the mind, making caring actionable. When we know, we acknowledge that something or someone makes us care and makes us act upon that caring we simply become better.

Compassion needs caring; one does not exist without the other. Even if it is mere awareness for someone else’s plight that makes us reflect and take action, that’s when our gift of being human really kicks in. We feel, we are sentient to other’s lives and hopefully we choose to help them on their journey.

Commitment is the third ingredient. Once we have identified in our heart and in our mind that we care and that we have compassion then our actions may make a difference through our commitment. Are we able to produce change in ourselves and in others through our commitment, now and over time? Commitment takes effort, persistence and it constantly check our values.

Always keep the three “Cs” close to you, everyday, all day.

Posted on May 5, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.