How to Pack Like a BuDhaGirl

Travel season is in full-swing! No matter where your final destination happens to be, don't forget to pack these 5 essentials for your best adventure yet.

1. All Weather Bangles: They're TSA-proof, lightweight, waterproof and versatile - all perfect qualities for a travel accessory. Wear them anywhere, anytime, for easy glamour.

2. Open Mind: It's smart to do research before going to a new place, but it's even more important to keep an open mind while traveling. When you're receptive, you never know what unexpected, beautiful experiences might fall right into your lap.  

3. Reading Material: Always bring something that you can read on the plane, by the pool, or even before bed. Vacation is a great time to re-introduce yourself to your reading list. Whether you're flipping through a fashion magazine or a NYT best-seller, use this precious time to get inspired and relax!

4. Ritual Accessories: Just because it's vacation doesn't mean you should neglect your daily rituals. Daily rituals take many forms - yoga, teatime, setting intentions with All Weather Bangles - but whatever it may be, don't forget to bring the accessories (yoga mat, etc.) that you might need.

5. Memory Catcher: It's imperative to live in the moment while you're traveling, but when it feels right, make an effort to record some of your favorite experiences and moments while you're there. Whether you use a journal, a camera, or Instagram, you'll be glad you crystalized some memories once the trip has concluded.

Beyond clothing and headphones, what are some travel essentials you never forget to pack?

Posted on May 31, 2017 and filed under Mindfulness, Travel, Style, Lifestyle, Inspiration.