YOU Matter

Can you believe it is June!!! 2017 is almost halfway gone.

In the previous months we’ve explored how we deal with impact on a singular level and then impact within our immediate reach, but what about how we impact our world: earth.

It is said that nothing is random; no action is without a reaction. Even the flutter of a Monarch Butterfly’s wing causes something else to happen. That tiny near imperceptible movement, might trigger what will become a storm.

Think of yourself as a Monarch (Butterfly). Realize that everything you do…everything has a cause and effect, certainly on you, then on your immediate environment, and absolutely on the planet.

With this simple idea in mind, how you decide to live your life is important. The choices you make matter. Thinking before acting is a form of awareness that lives in compassion and gratitude. Awareness of how you fit into the grand scheme of things. Do you or don’t you…always the choice.

It is said there is power in numbers to change things, especially the impact on our planet. I challenge this notion. You don’t need an organization or other people ratifying your actions, start with yourself. That is powerful and impactful.

Happy June.


Posted on June 2, 2017 and filed under Inspiration, Lifestyle, Mindfulness, Words of Wisdom.