Interview with Flower Road on Inner Beauty

This month, as we've looked closely at the concept of beauty, we've considered the connection between inner and outer beauty. Today, we're talking with Flower Road founder, Michelle Bardwell about Flower Road's unique role in the beauty industry, and how inner and outer beauty are directly correlated. Flower Road is a wellness company based in Dallas, TX that specializes in Hippocratic Aromatherapy and the direct import of premium grade essential oils and other raw plant material. Their products, services and education are of the highest standards and quality that help support a beautiful lifestyle of clean living and mindfulness.

BuDhaGirl: What is your definition of inner beauty?

Flower Road: To me, inner beauty is when you come from a place of love. While outer beauty is about looking good, inner beauty is about feeling good - and what feels better that giving and receiving love? Inner beauty can be a challenge sometimes. It requires you to develop an authentic love for yourself, that's in no way dependent on exterior form. 

BDG: How does inner beauty effect outer beauty?

FR: When you come from a place of love, for yourself and others, you naturally make better decisions. When you love yourself, you put yourself in better situations, you eat right, you spend your time with healthy people, and so on. When this becomes a pattern, you become relaxed and happy, and that will be visible physically through your face and eyes.

BDG: How would you describe Flower Road's outer beauty and inner beauty?

FR: Flower Road's outer beauty is that we are conscious and driven by simplicity. Our products are environmentally friendly, sustainable, organic, effective and fragrant. Flower Road products make our customers outwardly happy, healthy and beautiful. Flower Road's inner beauty comes from our philosophy "know thyself." When you know yourself and your Hippocratic Temperament, you have inner beauty.

BDG: Everyone is familiar with beauty products (makeup, flat iron, anti-aging serum), but is it possible to create an inner beauty product?

FR: Yes! In fact, I think Flower Road's 13 Botanical Formulas are an inner beauty product. These essential oil formulas are specifically made to energetically balance the four different temperaments. Once you know your Hippocratic Temperament, and are aware of when you are out of balance, you can use these formulas to regain your unique center.

BDG: When someone has a certain "je ne sais quoi" about them, how would you define them, or those mysterious inner beauty qualities they seem to possess?

FR: In my opinion, that "je ne sais quoi" beauty would be a sense of confidence, an open, accepting heart, and the alluring balance between vulnerability and strength. 

Posted on July 26, 2017 and filed under Mindfulness, Style, Lifestyle, Inspiration.