Setting Beauty Intentions

BuDhaGirls know one thing for certain: setting intentions simply works. In the morning, as our signature ritual goes, BuDhaGirls slide their All Weather Bangles on one by one and set intentions for their day. Intentions range widely in concept and gravity. There's no right or wrong answer. These intentions are created by yourself, for yourself. Our intentions vary because we all strive for different things in life, but one thing we all want is to lead a more mindful life. In keeping with this month's blog theme, we've asked ourselves how we can be more mindful of inner beauty. If you, too, would like to be more mindful of your beauty and that of others, try incorporating some of these core elements of inner beauty into your morning ritual.

1. Confidence: Be confident. You are a BuDhaGirl after all!

2. Awareness: Be self-aware, body-aware, aware of others, and aware of your environment.

3. Humor: Find something or someone that makes you laugh. Call a best friend or even watch a funny YouTube video!

4. Happiness: Take at least 10 minutes out of your day to do something that makes you happy. Take another 10 minutes and do something that you know will make someone else happy.

5. Love: Show love to yourself and show it to others. Give yourself a compliment. Give someone a hug. Always allow yourself to receive love - you deserve it.

6. Gratitude: Be grateful. Say you're grateful. Show you're grateful.

7. Compassion: Exercise compassion for yourself and for others. It's a form of respect and love.

8. Generosity: Generosity takes many shapes. Be generous with your money, but also with your time, and most importantly with your love. Give more, and you'll have more.

9. Wisdom: Honor everything you know, but be humble enough to know that you don't know everything. Everyone you meet has a lesson to teach you. 

Posted on July 28, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.