Beauty Proud

This month we will explore beauty as a way of life, and how to intentionally make your life beautiful.

This is not vanity. It is a celebration. Celebration for everything we have been given. To appreciate beauty is to consciously decide to enjoy life with reverence for other’s efforts and gratitude for what we receive. Only then can we take what we have and create for ourselves an environment of beauty.

By environment I mean our surroundings and also our physical body. We can make the choice to take the time and effort to put together stories or tableaus that reflect who we are - these are our values and our personality. These qualities extend to the home, workspace, form of transportation, city, neighborhood, clothing, jewelry, food, drink, friends and children.


Here’s a bit of a rant from me. I still haven’t met someone who wants to be known as a slob. Many times people that look unkempt hide behind the mantra of “I don’t care what you think, I can look and live anyway I want.”

True, but I don’t want you in my life. Harsh…maybe.

But I do find it offensive that when life gives so much in terms of resources that someone willingly chooses to destroy, instead of create. I equate deliberate destruction with irreverence to life itself.

There, I got this off my chest.


Needless to say, beauty is an integral part of my life. I have found that by creating and sharing beauty, great things happen. I feel that I am living fully, I am aware, and I make decisions that bring me joy. I also have learned that a happy me means a happy everyone else around me. 

And I think that maybe beauty comes full circle when you equate it with happiness. So go out there and make your life beautiful. Be happy.

Posted on July 31, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.