Bringing Beauty into Your Life

Okay so how do we bring beauty into your life?

The essential ingredient is simple: CARING.

When you care some pretty magical things happen. For one, our senses seem to be more attuned because we consciously choose to be aware. When this fine-tuning of our perception happens, we are able to make decisions in a way that fundamentally changes the way we enjoy the process…the journey.

When our genuinely desired outcome is to create beauty, we need to have that as our focus in our heart and mind. No matter the discipline required, the repetitive actions (the grind), at times even the physical exhaustion, is welcomed in our quest for creating beauty.

Here are my seven daily basics for living with beauty:

1. Wake-up and be thankful.

2. Make your bed. Make your bed a haven for rest and comfort.

3. Meditate. Yes…you can sneak in a BuDhaGirl 3-minute meditation on our website or even practice a visualization that will only take a minute.

4. Never apologize for the way you look. You made a conscious decision to look the way you do, even when rushing you should be able to feel great about yourself. Be kind to yourself when it comes to physical beauty.

5. Smell. If only for a minute or two when you are bathing, cooking, walking outside, gardening, etc…pay attention to smells. Our sense of smell creates a strong communication path to the brain, making smell a pleasurable experience. Smell also creates strong memories.

6. Eat well. Before you dive into that salad, take a minute to enjoy it visually. Even better, if you are cooking get in the zone and make the prettiest dish you can make, chances are that because you have put caring into the preparation, it will be delicious too.

7. Give. Give. Give. The more you give the more you will have a sense of accomplishment and joy. That sense of inner peace from giving will radiate outwardly making you and your life absolutely beautiful.

Posted on August 11, 2017 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.