Meditation and Beauty

The first thing I thought of when writing about meditation and beauty is the beauty of meditation. Take a look.

You will deduce from these images that if something can cause a person to look so serene it must be good for you. Meditation is great for you.

In the west, meditation has been looked at up till now in a very brush-offish way. Only “granolas," tree huggers, gurus and nutcases practice meditation…well no longer true. The myth of having to sit a certain way, remove yourself completely from your daily life and to spend hours, if not days, achieving some sort of enlightenment is over.

Science will now validate the huge benefits of brief moments of meditation during the day. Our ability to be mindful and disconnect from our hectic lives at intervals during our day allows for our brain to rest and recalibrate. 

So do your daily beauty rituals, make sure you add meditation, you will see the results and more importantly feel the results.

Posted on August 21, 2017 and filed under Inspiration, lifestyle, Mindfullness.