The Beauty of Food

Every day, each of us has the power to surround themselves with beauty. As we've discussed, beauty can take a number of forms, but one common experience we can easily share is the beauty of food.

At this day in age, many have distanced themselves from food's beauty potential through pre-cooked meals and processed foods. If you make the time, meals can serve as a daily reminder of the beauty of nature (fresh produce), and the beauty of personal style (plating the food and laying the table). 

The beauty of food begins simply with the ingredients. For an ultimate beauty experience, choose ingredients that are beautiful themselves - a perfectly ripe tomato, golden tumeric dust, local berries - and good for you, too. It's no surprise that when you eat food that is good for you, it will improve your health, and heighten your physical beauty as well.

The next step is to cook beautifully. This doesn't mean you need to be a mess-free, recipe-following, perfectly coordinated master chef. To cook with beauty is to cook with love for the person you are feeding, be it yourself or others.

The final step to maximize the beauty of your meal is presentation. You'd be amazed at how the simplest dish tastes even better and is appreciated more when plated on beautiful porcelain and set on a fabulous table.

Bon appetit!

Posted on August 23, 2017 and filed under Style, Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration, Entertaining.