Customization: The Future of Health and Beauty


Flying cars, urban farms, 3D printing - what do you imagine the future will look like? How will the products we use every day be different? How will they be the same? 

Today, we're considering the future of health and beauty. These industries are crucial to consider as they can effect our everyday lives, our well-being and even our longevity. The most outstanding trend that we've noticed in regards to health and beauty is the rise of customization.


Customized, tailor-made products immediately imply luxury. Sure, they might be slightly more expensive, but they are shaped specifically for you, and therefore are a cut above the rest. Custom is the closest to "perfect" that you can get, since perfection is completely relative. Both beauty and health are extremely personal industries, so why are personalized beauty and wellness products just now hitting the mainstream? In our opinion it all boils down to mindfulness. Consumers are becoming more mindful of their needs, and companies in return must reflect their customer's increasingly mindful outlook.

Like a monogramed Louis Vuitton trunk, customized beauty products are becoming increasingly popular due to their luxurious, unique nature. For example, Finding Ferdinand allows you to create your own lipstick and custom makeup palette, while Function of Beauty creates personalized shampoo and conditioner. On the other hand, wellness companies like Care/of offer personalized daily vitamin packs to boost anything from brain health to immunity to skin health. 


BuDhaGirl believes in the process of customization, but more importantly we believe in you. We believe in your right to have a unique, personalized experience when you interact with us and our products. Whether you're choosing a specific meditation this afternoon or setting unique intentions with your All Weather Bangles tomorrow morning, the most satisfying, effective rituals are the ones that are created by you for you.