BDG Team on Health Rituals


Caryn: One of my favorite pastimes is walking my dog. He is a large pup that requires lots of exercise so we take long walks everyday. But our morning walk is the most important. I like to get moving right away - it prepares my body for the day and gets my focus going first thing. It's good for him and great for me. Nothing better than breathing in fresh air and prepping your mind for what the day will bring! 

Bianca: My beauty ritual that I perform on a daily basis is making sure I take care of my health by eating a healthy breakfast every morning to keep me energized through out the day. 


Julian: I feel as though a way for me to be centered and heathy in all aspects of my life is to make sure I am taking enough time for myself. I’m introverted, so I like to recharge at home and make that my safe place. I diffuse essential oils such as lavender and chamomile to relax, try and create something each day whether that is a piece of art or writing, and listen to my vinyls. When I’m at peace with myself, I feel like that radiates through everything else!

Cathy: Health is all about balance. To maintain good health, it's essential to throw in a few vices here and there!

Twyla: My health and beauty rituals are very intricately related. When I take good care of myself, I notice a direct effect on my skin, hair, nails and even outlook on life. In order to maintain my health, I depend on a plant-based diet, mental breaks throughout the day, and lots of sleep at night. My favorite health-beauty ritual is how I prepare for bed. I take a hot bath to wash the day off, treat my skin with an organic serum, then get in bed and read. My dogs sleep in bed with me, and I think their presence has an immediate effect on my ability to wind down and relax!

Posted on September 8, 2017 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.