Featured Store: PIN Salon, Dallas, TX


Here on the blog, one of our 2018 goals is to introduce the BuDhaGirl tribe to some of our incredible retailers across the country. From the east coast to the west coast and everywhere in between, these unique stores play an integral role in helping us spread the BuDhaGirl message of mindfulness, intention and glamour. Once a month, we will be introducing you to a different store in the BuDhaGirl tribe. Today, meet PIN Salon, a must-visit Dallas hair salon that is a destination for great style and relaxation.

BuDhaGirl: Tell us about PIN Salon!

PIN Salon: Our doors opened June 11, 2013. PIN Salon was an idea for the future for some time before it actually happened. The timing just felt right, and it was time for Billy and Rainer to move forward with their own space. We welcome everyone who walks in the door and try our best to provide the best service. We do great hair for each person, and hope that it will always be a relaxing experience with us while they're here!


BDG: Why does BuDhaGirl speak to your clientele?

PIN: At PIN we love modern, we love classic, we love bohemian, we love some trends, and we are interested in each person's unique style. Budhagirl resonates with us because it is all about mindful moments and mindful jewelry, it’s about feeling good in your body and mind, it’s about becoming and sharing your best self. The bangles are so versatile, which is why we appreciate them. I can wear my bangles with any outfit, in my pjs, during a sweaty yoga class, to SoulCycle, to the beach, to bed - and I know our customers do the same! We also love that BuDhaGirl is local and is owned by Jessica, our friend and our favorite BuDhaGirl. Every visit with Jessica is a thoughtful, mindful and open experience. She is an inspiration in mind and fashion! 


BDG: What’s your favorite BuDhaGirl item? Why?

PIN: We really love the All Weather Bangles in all colors. Of course we are obsessed with the new Rose Gold and they are flying off the shelf. Mixing the colors is always fun and seeing them around the city and on our guests at PIN makes us happy. It’s one of the BuDhaGirl items that truly reminds me to pause, breathe and set intentions for the day. This ritual is always heart warming!


BDG: Why is mindfulness, ritual, and intention important to you? How do you practice these things daily?

PIN: Like most people I know and surround myself by daily, I am busy and have a full schedule almost every day. Mindfulness begins the moment my alarm rings. I’m not a morning person, so it’s even more important for me to begin with mindful breathing to wake the soul and center myself. A morning meditation or just a few moments of mindful breathing gives me strength and reminds me to be open and accepting of whatever comes my way for the day. I love this ritual of self care to start the morning, as well as other centering rituals including yoga, spin class, or simply coffee and hugs with my family.                                                        


Intentions are essential at the salon as well. Hair salons are all about personal relationships, and my intention is always to let my guests be themselves. I try to be the best version of myself everyday, because I want to share joy, peace and calm with others who walk in our door. Without setting these intentions, it would be easy to be affected by the moods that do not serve me. It takes practice, hope and love to believe that the darkness can turn into light with the next breath.            


My intention to be patient leads me into my evening, where I love to end the day with a few grateful thoughts. I ask my daughter to tell me three grateful moments from the day, and I always share mine with her. I believe this helps us to wake up hopeful for the day ahead. Mindfulness is life at its best, even if it comes at the end of a hard day. I sometimes struggle, but ending a night with love, laughter, joy and reflection is my daughter's favorite ritual and mine too.                                                  



PIN Salon

5450 W. Lovers Lane #229 

Dallas, TX 75209