BDG Team on the Best of Fall

Hello, October! Today the BuDhaGirl Team is sharing with us their favorite fall rituals. From savory recipes to nostalgic scents, these are our most anticipated elements of the season.


Caryn: In the fall, I love to make my mom’s Butternut Squash soup recipe! The aroma and flavor remind me of my childhood fall seasons in Pennsylvania. It’s the epitome of what fall is. Brisk cool air, changing leaves, and early dark evenings. Also, I enjoy the ritual of bringing out my sweaters and making a fire on the patio! 


Ginger: The smell of firewood in the air is one of my favorite parts about fall. As for rituals, one ritual that my son and I share is to go to the pumpkin patch or Dallas Arboretum to choose a pumpkin for decorating.


Bianca: A ritual that my fiancé and I have been doing since high school is to go to the Texas State Fair. We love the ferris wheel, Fletcher’s corny dogs and taking photos with Big Tex.


Chloe: My favorite thing about fall is all the varieties of squash! I eat some variety everyday. My favorite recipe to make is coconut curry and butternut squash soup - it’s so simple. I roast the squash, add onions and garlic, and blend it with a mix of vegetable broth and canned coconut milk. Lastly, I add in a bunch of curry powder. Other varieties of squash to try during the autumn are kabocha and blue Hokkaido pumpkin. 


Twyla: The fall tradition that I anticipate most is prepping my house (and closet) for colder weather. I swap out all of my spring and summer clothes for fall and winter items, pull out heavy blankets, and decorate my porch with decorative gourds.

Posted on October 1, 2018 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.