Featured Store: à bientôt


Upon returning to Houston in 1996 (after years in New York, South East Asia and Paris), Betty Newton began à bientôt in her garage. Her husband, Stephen, who is credited with naming the business, evicted her from the garage and the store was born. Four years later, the very chic and extremely international, Cristiana Anderson, joined Betty as a partner. The be-jeweled duo traveled the world, children in tow, shopping and collaborating and creating for à bientôt. Twenty years later, the store is in its fourth location on River Oaks Boulevard, the children are grown, and Cristiana lives in Washington, D.C. Stephen has sold the original garage. Today we’re talking with à bientôt about the trends they’re seeing this season and why they can’t live without BuDhaGirl All Weather Bangles.

BuDhaGirl: Tell us about your store.

À bientôt: à bientôt is a little bit of everything. We are a woman’s clothing store that carries a little bit of everything, but is heavy on jewelry. The business was started 23 years ago, and today we are located on River Oaks Blvd. in the heart of Houston.

BDG: Why does BuDhaGirl speak to your clientele? 

AB: BuDhaGirl sells out so quickly that it doesn’t even have time to say hello…

BDG: What fashion and accessory trends are you noticing for fall? 

AB: Gold bangles are always in fashion - they look fabulous mixed in with the colors and textures of the season.

BDG: What’s your favorite BuDhaGirl item? Why? 

AB: Gold All Weather Bangles are our favorite BuDhaGirl item because you get a lot of visible volume on the wrist without all of the weight. It’s the best of both worlds!


BDG: Why is mindfulness, ritual and intention important to you? How do you practice these things daily? 

AB: To me, kindness is the root of all things spiritual. In maintaining a daily practice of kindness, I stay mindful.


à bientôt

2501 River Oaks Boulevard

Houston, Texas 77019

Shop: 713.523.3997