BDG Team on Romance

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Jessica: So many (Valentine’s) have come and gone…and cupid keeps those arrows coming….


Caryn: I have been married for 15 years and it's very important for my husband and I to maintain our date nights to keep the romance alive. Whether it is just a quiet evening at home watching a movie or an evening on the town, we need that time alone to share our thoughts and desires and to reconnect. It’s also very important to teach my son the idea of romance and how to treat a lady. My husband is not a rose petals and candle guy, he is much more practical. So when he does surprise me, it's extra special. One of our favorite places to visit is Charleston, South Carolina. It's a very romantic place with so much history and culture. We love to escape for a small weekend getaway and enjoy walking the streets, holding hands, and just connecting with each other.


Irma: Romance can take many forms - it is whatever you do for the express purpose of bringing a smile to your partner's lips and joy to their heart. Romance is a way to make the person you love feel cherished and valued.


Kalli: Timing is essential to a good romance. The first time we were together, he simply wasn't ready. The second time around, something had changed. There he was... waiting on my doorstep, flowers in hand, wanting to be there for me and with me. Kelly regularly does all kinds of romantic things, so it's important to stop and be mindful of them. He brings me flowers when I cook a date night at home, makes me coffee in the morning, or takes our dog out - all actions that show how much he truly cares.


Twyla: Romance is all about thoughtfulness and vulnerability. It's not reserved for a specific day of the year, or a particular phase of the relationship. Romance is readily available to give and receive at all times. The trick is to feel worthy enough to receive love, and to be vulnerable enough to show love - no matter the reaction. My favorite romantic moments are never grand displays, they're quiet and authentic. Flowers on a Tuesday, "just because." Opening the car door, whether it's date night or not. Placing a fresh, clean towel next to the bathtub. Saying "I love you," before bed. Alone, these moments may not seem like much, but sewn together such genuine, romantic actions sustain the spark that ignited the flame.


Bianca: Romance to me is telling your significant other how much you love and appreciate them everyday. Romance is important because it helps the relationship grow and become stronger. The most romantic moment of my life was when my fiancé proposed to me. It was perfect! 

Happy Valentine's Day, BuDhaGirls!

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