A Surreal Dinner

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Years ago my dear friend Rob Brinkley, editor of the then FDLuxe in Dallas, asked me to throw a dinner party so he could showcase his love of coming over to our house for dinner. I was very flattered. But it took some time for me to decide what to do. So one day, whilst I was guest at our longtime friend Nancy Oakes and Bruce Aidelle’s simply divine Arts & Crafts home in Headlsburg, I saw Sloane (my daughter) engrossed in one of Nancy’s cookbooks. I became interested and took a look myself….BAM…that’s it, that’s the dinner party. The book was Salvador Dali’s Le Diner de Gala.

So… I called Rob. Rob said let’s do it, I need it for April 2013 Art Issue. Years later I still get emails from new friends reading about the dinner and old friends setting me up to do a new one…. not sure about that for now.

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So to accomplish this dinner… preparations began, guest lists were made, menus were crafted, wines were chosen… and as the time approached, I panicked. I was about to launch BuDhaGirl one week later… no problem. I rolled my sleeves up and let my imagination go wild.

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Posted on February 26, 2018 and filed under Mindfulness, Lifestyle, Inspiration.