Mother Nature


Wouldn’t you know that if you go way, way back in time (pre-Christianity), Easter was actually a pagan celebration of resurrection and re-birth dedicated to the Assyrian goddess Eostre.

During the 2nd century, early Christians attempting to convert pagan worshippers called their Christian celebration “Ostara” which later became “Easter.”


Easter’s timing evolved like many ancient practices through the observation of nature. Our ancestors questioned the origins of the world, the heavens, and as importantly, humanity. They noticed that after the world being asleep during the winter months, spring brought on blooms, animal births, and hope for a season of plentiful food and warmth.

Tender bunnies appeared, sprinkling the earth with whimsy. Eggs of all sorts could be found in nests. Nature’s spring pastel colors were to be the preview of summer’s vibrant hues.


Today, thousands of years later, Easter is still around (now a heavily Judeo-Christian holiday), yet many of its original characteristics (based in nature) are still with us albeit tinged with new modern concepts.

Happy Easter to all,

The BuDhaGirl Team

Posted on April 1, 2018 and filed under Words of Wisdom, Mindfulness, Lifestyle.