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When BuDhaGirl started, we had an idea of the company we wanted to be. Like all things in life, BuDhaGirl adapted to growth, learning, change…the things that require adaptation.

However in 2016 we discovered something astounding.

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In a planning meeting, the BuDhaGirl team was tasked to name all the qualities that represent BuDhaGirl. Some were very predictable: Ritual, glamour, chic, mindful, awareness, optimistic, versatile… you get the idea. The word that we didn’t expect came towards the end: shareability.

Wait, what?

Shareability. There was a pause. Then we all began to talk at once about how we all had stories pertaining to shareability.

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We discovered that BuDhaGirls are “sharers.” BuDhaGirls might buy our All Weather Bangles for themselves, but the most amazing thing happens… they start giving bangles away. BuDhaGirls repeat our story. They share our Mindful Glamour Ritual with others. They do not want to keep this just for themselves.

Countless stories were told about BuDhaGirls coming back again and again for more bangles because they were giving theirs away - sometimes one by one, sometimes the whole set. WOW!!!!!!

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The discovery of shareability conceptualized something in our mind that's said that shareability really might be BuDhaGirl's most important pillar. Why? Well because it means that we are helping BuDhaGirls to open their hearts, to find their gift of giving to others, to connect with each other, to establish the importance of intentions, to encourage each other to realize those intentions, to be happy with each other. That is powerful.

Needless to say, shareability is now a word in our daily lives… and for that we thank our beautiful, wonderful, special, unique BuDhaGirls: YOU… you have shown us the way.

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