“Being powerful is like being a lady. If you have to tell people you are, you aren’t.” - Margaret Thatcher

I’ve always loved Maggie, but never more so than after she was quoted with the above words.

I am sure many who read this will immediately think I adhere to Maggie’s politics; some perhaps…but not all. What I loved about Mrs. Thatcher is her can-do spirit. She never played the “I am a woman card.” She was smart, hardworking, a fast learner, and had a set of deep rooted core values. She came from a fairly humble background, and worked every day to achieve her goals, never wanting to be a man; or for that fact, never having to act like a man.

Recently there has been so much talk about the role of women and men in the work place. Who exerts power over whom? Who has the upper hand? Who will submit?

These notions are archaic, and it is women who need to abolish this way of thinking.

No one person can be another’s master without one acquiescing to submission. That is true for women as it was for Nelson Mandela and Epiceto.

So, celebrate your femininity, be a lady… be glamorous, be kind, be smart, be powerful, be funny, be the incredible, marvelous YOU.