You Can't Have One Without the Other

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In 2012 I used the word “mindful” while attending desk-side meetings with editors in New York. They (the editors) thought I was crazy, mostly their eyes just glazed over. After all, I was there to talk to them about fashion for christ's sake.

Funny, 6 years later they (the editors) now use mindful as an everyday term. EVERYBODY has heard of mindfulness by now.

Today, the latest new word is “ wellness”: Wellness food, wellness travel, workplace wellness, wellness fashion, wellness communities, wellness everything. Wellness is also somehow so much more acceptable than mindful…why?

Here’s the deal though… can you have wellness without mindfulness?

My take is that you need to be mindful in order to be well.

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Somehow, we need to think and be present (think + presence = mindful) in what we do, to then generate wellness…

And wellness is mostly based on an emotional state of mind. If we are satisfied and content, we tend to be more aware, compassionate and less willing to look to consumerism and excess to make us happy. Being well means we are aware of our personal physical needs, and we address them to maintain our health. Being well means we are aware of our surroundings, our world, and we try to maintain and not destroy. Being well means we are aware of others and we are compassionate and understanding, lending a hand and teaching self-sufficiency. Being well is enjoying who we are, what we have, and what we believe our future to be, and that of others.

How are mindfulness and wellness connected in your life?

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