Happy International Cat Day

Infinitely Wise Fred

BuDhaGirls know about Fred (aka BuDhakitty)…the tiny, fluffy, hobble legged, clipped ear, pain nubbin, feral cat that has Jessica entirely as his devoted servant.

Let’s ponder this for a moment…he has done absolutely nothing other than to simply be himself, to have Jessica eating out of his paw (actually that might be the other way around, he eats out of Jessica’s hand)…

He comes and goes, sits and watches as the day unfolds…season after season, rain or shine.

Jessica believes that Fred came into her life for a reason; to teach her a lesson about just being. About trusting. About this too shall pass.

In his demeanor and happiness, Fred is infinitely wise.

Happy International Cat Day to all those who are the most devoted servants to our feline masters.