Worth It

In life we set goals for ourselves…some are small daily goals (incredibly important to outcomes) and some are mammoth-type-Everest-climbing-hang-on-for-dear-life goals.

Achieving these goals takes discipline, self-control, perseverance, flexibility and perhaps the most important ingredient to this soup of qualities needed to achieve what we want: resilience.

Resilience…bouncing back when plans go awry. Keep on going on.

And once we have achieved that goal, we need reflection, because it is there my friends where we ask ourselves: Was it worth it? Was the journey towards that goal something that made you grow, made you have faith, made you stronger, made you happy along the way? If you answered yes to all of these, let me tell you…whatever your goal was, it was worth it.

I urge my children and my beautiful BuDhaGirl’s at the office to make sure we live our lives with goals that when we achieve them make us just who we are meant to be.  Glorious, wonderful, individuals graced with freedom, graced with talent, graced to be with each other.