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Resolutions or not....

I am on the fence about resolutions because I believe them to be a two-way blade. Yes, they are indeed good for identifying what our goals might be in the New Year, but they are a drag when we fail to keep them...and then guilt arrives.

When we decide to put ourselves on what I call: the "resolution hamster wheel", we should do so with a finite time limit. If our goal is not completely met by the time is up, it is still OK, we are better off than we were before and that should be encouragement enough. If resolutions are left open ended they become heavy chains around or neck that burden our psyche and might do more harm than good.

Do you ever wonder what the most popular resolutions are? Check this list. Not much of a surprise here.

This year I did not make any resolutions per say...I simply decided that I am consciously going to add the following to my daily ritual:

I will begin my day by reading an inspirational quote. That quote will be with me throughout the day. I will think about its relevance to my life and to the life of those around me. Is the quote's message something I can share with others? Is it something that can help BuDhaGirl? Is it something that fundamentally will make me more contemplative and more compassionate?

I hope so.




It is all in our mind....

It is all in our mind....

Posted on January 13, 2014 .