Clarity Through Words

“A problem well stated is a problem half solved.” Charles F. Kettering

I’ve come to realize that when needing to successfully accomplish something, we must first learn its language. We must learn how to precisely state what it is we need, what the issue at hand is, and be acutely aware how our filter will then forward that information so it can in turn be processed correctly, thus achieving our goal. This clarity in communication is more important than any master’s degree…and you don’t need a master’s degree to be a great communicator.

Let me give you an example: technology. Baby boomers did not grow-up with what today is normal to new generations; the ability to instantly communicate through various platforms.

Each modern communication platform has its own language, its rules, its nuances. Having said this, even with this incredible technological advancement, the lack of ability to state what people need to solve their issues, problems, create better processes, advance as a society is a major obstacle. Faster doesn’t mean better. A one-word response does not make an answer.

Many times, I find myself stopping a conversation and simply asking: What are you trying to say? Or at times I ask: What are we trying to accomplish or arrive at? When this happens, people often stop, take a minute to re-assess what it is they want (or want to communicate), and then continue on a more precise path. As you probably know my friends, there is nothing worse than when someone tells you they didn’t understand because they didn’t understand you….ughhh!