Back To School

WHAHHHHH!!!! Another school cycle begins.

And as all cycles in life, depending on the stage of life we are in, that’s how we feel about children going back to school…am I making sense?

Let me illustrate:

*YAYs and WHAHs are from a parent’s perspective

Cycle 1 - Pre-school YAY - A little found freedom from parenthood

Cycle 2 - Kindergarten SEMI-YAY - Junior is learning to fly (watch out for tears)

Cycle 3 - First Grade WHAH - Now mom and dad can’t believe time (and junior) have flown

Cycle 4 - Elementary YAY - Oh God, thank you for summer (no early mornings)

Cycle 5 - Middle School WHAH - Summer is here…YAY…Back to school (Middle school is confusing)

Cycle 6 - High School WHAH - Where did summer go????

Cycle 7 - College WHAH - Oh please, just please call….

So, in this upcoming back to school year (some of you already are back) are you a YAY or a WHAH?