How it's made...

I was struck this morning remembering a conversation that I had begun on Monday with one of my fellow attendees at the Wisdom 2.0 conference. This person who is an editor of sorts  and comes, from what appears to be a long-time practitioner of mindfulness, was very kind to take a moment to look at the BuDhaGirl website. The point was made that we don't say where and how are products are made. A very good point.

The best reason I can give as to why we have never told the story about how are products are made is that there is so much content on the website already, that perhaps more information was  over kill.  We were told that "people" just don't like to read too much.

BuDhaGirl, after its first wild and wonderful year learned many things. One very important lesson learned is that we needed to revamp our website so we can add content daily, interact with our clients organically and make the BuDhaGirl experience be as simple as : Pause. Be Aware. Go.

So stay tuned...we should be ready to rock-n-roll in about one month. (Keep your fingers crossed!) back to how we make is the communication I received from Susie this morning who is in Coimbatore, India with our dear friend Uma..listen:

"Today Uma and I drove two hours south of Coimbatore to visit an amazing cotton mill where they use cotton grown in the land by the mill and in turn  this land provides natural habitat for Asian Elephants, it was truly a wonderful experience and I bought some exquisite shawl samples."

Susie at the cotton mill in Coimbatore, India.

Susie at the cotton mill in Coimbatore, India.

This is how we find our producers...our primary factory outside of Bangkok sits in a garden with a stream running through the property. The buildings sit in the middle of this garden. The employees, for the most part, are second generation...they smile, they are proud of their work and...when we are invited to stay for lunch, it is the best lunch in Bangkok.

We are very proud of our production.



Posted on March 27, 2014 .