Need I say more....

Need I say more....

Change has duality because "we" categorize it as good or bad.

Change is neither. Change is opportunity.

Every second we are changing, our world is changing, and yes, our universe is changing too.

But for some reason we think that change gives or takes away things, or gives or removes us from situations. Again this is not true when you are living in the now.

When you have conscious awareness of how you feel, how you really feel, not how your mental dialogue tells you to feel; you become aware that change is now. That what you do now will one day be your past and that what you do now one day will be your future.

The key is not to dwell in changes of the past nor live with the expectations of changes in the future. Just be aware of now. Become your daily journey.

I embrace change wholly. I love newness. I love being challenged. I have now even come to love contradictions in my life. I love how I change. I love that we are all changing.

I love that I am not alone.



Posted on April 21, 2014 and filed under Jessica Jesse, Mindfullness.